Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Palm Centro, Bluetooth and Ubuntu.

OK, I received my new Centro and I just finished reviewing what applications to re-install and I make sure it doesn't reset any more, if you want to hear more about my review, you can check this post.

Now, I did all of this in Windows (it was just easier) and now I am trying to work again with Ubuntu, this time with a twist, I want to use bluetooth.

Now bluetooth is something that needs a little more work in Ubuntu, the basic functionality is there but making it work with my centro has not been easy, most people use the networking hotsync, I don't think it should be this difficult, it should be as easy as it is in Windows. My main roadblock right now is the virtual serial port, I am working on this based on some articles I found in the internet, I will update you when I figure it out how to sync my centro with Ubuntu via Bluetooth.

If you have any tips, please post it in the comments!.

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