Saturday, May 17, 2008

My centro died

I know I was supposed to post my impressions on how to sync my centro with Ubuntu but my centro decided to died while I was working on it, I received today so hopefully I can try again in a couple of days, I decided that I will sync mycentro with Ubuntu using bluetooth, so wish me luck!.

One note on the whole ordeal to get my centro to work again, I couldn't and I decided first to call sprint, sprint told me that my phone was dead, then I contact Palm and after a couple of minutes it was decided my phone was dead, I paid for advance exchange (25usd ) to make the process quick and I got it today! 5 days total, not bad and I need to say that even without all the bad rep from sprint and palm support, everyone was very nice and helpful, I hope this is a trend with this 2 companies.

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