Sunday, May 03, 2009

eee pc 900 installation of Ubuntu 9.04 (Ubuntu Netbook Remix)

OK, I finally got around to install UNR 9.04 in My wife's eee pc 900. the experience was very similar to my eee pc 1000:

1. Follow this instructions from the ubuntu website:

2. Install the eee-control-tray:

3. Install one kernel patch:

The last step is just temporary until the general release kernel is patched. After that my 900 works like a charm.

Well, one word of advice, both the 900 and the 1000 have a problem with flash. Playing flash video is not a very good experience, it is OK except if you try to watch it full screen then it is kind of jerky, so far I haven't found a solution. Let me know if you have a solution ot the problem.