Monday, August 18, 2003

I am happy to announce that I was accepted to be software champion for the new expert guides in palmsource, you can check it at:

This doesn't mean that I work for PalmSource it just means that I will help them create a page with focus on time tracking. I will try to do my best and as always if you want to give me your input for this blog or for the new expert guide you can always drop me a line.

Now let's go back to topic of this column and I will finally continue writing about the use of my PDA. In my last blog I wrote about the calendar, now let's speak about my memo application.

Writing notes

One of my reasons to use a Palm Powered handheld was to be able to keep information with me and of course to be able to log information wherever I am. Obviously one of the first task to tackle is note taking, either in meetings, the ocassional restaurant information, etc. The memo pad included in my m505 was more than enough at first but as I grow on experience I saw the need for a more powerful yet simple tool. There are several approches:

1. A word processing program. For taking notes? nahhh too complicated.
2. A more powerful text editor, like PED, again too complicated.

What to do? basically I had only two reasons why I was dissatisfied with memo pad, first it didn't offer any protection to my information, second I need it color. So I was ok with the limit of 4k for memo pad since this is only for note taking not to write a novel, if I want to write a novel I will then take another approach (like a word processing program).

After some research I found CryptoPad a wonderful program that filled my needs at an excellent price, FREE !!!

Now after 2 years of using the program and after exhausting the category limit (16) I saw a fatal problem with CryptoPad, a correct reference system, how can I find what I need it? I use CryptoPad for taking notes at meetings plus taking notes at different events I assist, when I am in the street and I need to write something down, but after you have more than 100 memos you can start to see that I had a little problem finding what I need it in a timely fashion...

How did I solve it? That’s the topic of my next column.