Saturday, August 11, 2007

Kinoma Player.

Ok, so if coreplayer is such a great program why do I have a second player?, reason number one because I am a palm OS program junkie, I love play with programs and see if I can use them. The second is convenience, Kinoma can play internet streams (coreplayer too) and supports flash (which coreplayer can't) that gives me access to more content plus neither program has a good bookmarking system so if I am listening to podcast and then I want to switch to watch a movie, I just switch programs and there you go, exactly were I was. I really wish both programs support bookmarking a la PocketTunes (although PocketTunes is not perfect but at least is better). Want to know more about Kinoma player? visit:

I am starting to work on a in-dept review of both programs and a comparison so you can check the strengths and weakness and make an informed decision if you want to buy either program.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Coreplayer is a very versatile media player, it can play most AVI, MP4, WMA, MP3 files out there and then some, so it is perfect for viewing your media in your palm. It is a direct descendant of TCPMP a freeware player. Version 1.0 was not so good but the current version (1.1) is good enough, I use it mainly for video playing of the content I record with my OSD in MP4 format, it plays without a problem. The software has many capabilities but again, it is a jack of all trades but not so good at them except for the video playing. You should check it if you planning in watching video in your palm.