Sunday, May 23, 2004

Backup strategy
A recent post in inspire me to write my backup strategy which I'm sure some will find a little extreme but it works for me:

1. I Hotsync at least 2 times a day.

2. I use Backbuddy for Windows from BlueNomad, awesome backup software! it really makes a complete backup.

3. I use Backupbuddy not only to make a backup of the main RAM but also I make a backup of my SD card.

4. I use cardbackup in my T3 and I schedule a daily backup to my sd card at midnight, plus I keep each day backup individually so if I need to recover a file from 2 days ago I can do it.

I hope that this can help you to always recover from disaster.

Gabriel Castellanos.

Monday, May 10, 2004

IM clients review: Verichat
Yesterday I saw re-publish in PA (without my intervention) my first IM review, I saw that as a sign that I should finish what I started, here is part 3:


Finally we get to the current king in IM clients for PalmOS: Verichat. PDAApps maker of Verichat uses a propietary protocol and its own servers as gateways to other IM services, while very reliable (I never had a problem connecting to the service) it opens several uncomfortable options: the company can start charging a subscription fee plus the cost of the software, if the company goes under then the software will stop working. Now this is just speculation, I mention this because it a possibility.

Now, let's check what it supports:

- MSN, Yahoo, AOL IM and ICQ.
- Full support for emoticons (not animated though)
- Background support, it keeps connected while your are working in other apps.
- Keeps online presence even "offline", by sending your messages to your cellphone.
- Support for multiple conversations.
- Really, really pretty.

Now the problems:
- Verichat allows your handheld to turn off not like chatapus that just turn off the screen, probably because it keep you "online" forwarding all your messages to your cell phone.
- It does not notify you if you receive and email in your hotmail or yahoo account.

In my next post I will give my personal selection and why.

Gabriel Castellanos

Monday, May 03, 2004

How I use my palm at work
I use it in so many ways:

- Taking notes: each meeting I go I use my wireless keyboard to take notes in slap, after the meeting I use slap to tranfer my notes to Task, Calendar or Memo+. Plus at the end of the meeting I take a picture of the whiteboard so I don't forget to write anything.

- Archive notes: All my notes and project contacts go into and special database in Handbase.

- Managing project: I apply the GTD methodology using Shadow to keep track of all tasks and status, Task where the tasks I am working are and DoctToGo where I keep reference material and an Excel spreadsheet where I keep a status report.

- Email: I sync my "action" email with VersaMail so any free time I can read and reply my emails.

- Check email and calendar on the go: My office depends heavely in exchange and outlook and it is important for me to be able to check my email and calendar, thanks to my T3 and my T608 I can access the wireless web client and check my information.

Gabriel Castellanos