Wednesday, November 19, 2003

First an apology for being late on my blog but it is being busy at work, I will try to post every Monday...

PalmOS Fun.

I have explained how I manage work in my PalmOS powered hanheld now it is time to see how I manage the fun.

I consider reading a pleasure, even though some people believe it is a turture. I love reading for fun in which case I love sci-fi or spy novels and I like to learn in which case I read self-improvement books and reference books. After a while of owning my palm powered handheld I started thinking it would be awesome if I was able to read in it, then I discover peanut books a company that created a book reader for the PalmOS and brought content from the publishers to the users of handhelds, I am in love, since then peanut books was bought by Palm Inc, then by palmgear, but still is the same level of quality so far. Another websites where you can find ebooks are: and

Now there are two ways of browse internet content, off line or on-line. I prefer the off-line since it is the more simple of both options (and the least expensive). The way I do on-line browsing is by using a cable to connect my Palm powered handheld to my cell phone, it is nice but very slow so it is only for emergencies. I prefer the off-line option since it is my computer the one that gets the contect using my broadband connection, it takes around 5 minutes to create all the content that I read in day plus my emails, a big difference against the 10 minutes it takes to download the pags using my data cable!. There are a lot of software to do this task in the palm, but I think the best is Plucker , it is simple to use (if you use the desktop) and the viewer is simple to use but powerful.

Believe it or not I am not a big gamer, I do have some games but I use them rarely but I you can check the HUGE amount of games for the PalmOS in PalmGear

Gabriel Castellanos