Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I love GTD, to me it is the one technique that click with me and that really has helped me. Now I will not make my blog about GTD but what I have found missing is a comprenhensive compilation of interview of David Allen, for this reason I am creating this post, I will maintenan it and re-post it from time to time, I'll create another one about video interview, this is exclusively for podcasts. I am including the link in text format for each podcast since I found that sometimes blazer doesn't pass the links to Kinoma, if that happens to you, just copy the link and past it in kinoma.

43 Folder productive talk. click here for the mp3.


Accidental Creative
. click here for the mp3.


Professionally Speaking. click here for the mp3.


Donation Coder. click here for first part and here for the second part mp3.



Precision Change. click here for the mp3


IMNO.ORG. Click here for the mp3


Productivity Podcast. Click here for the mp3


The Duct Tape Marketing. Click here for the mp3