Monday, August 04, 2008

Internet browsing in my centro part 2

Ok, this week I want to talk about Mobile HTML Transcoders or compressors. These are websites that can take a normal website and transcode for mobile viewing, reducing image quality, change layout, etc. These are extremely useful when you want to see the content of a complicate web site or like I mention last week, if you are using an RSS reader, since you will be able to take the link for the article and using a compressor you will be able to see it in Blazer!. These are my top favorites:


Google is just great at making a web site manageable for Blazer or Xiino, I still don't understand how it does it but in the case of heavy web sites (engadget or lifehacker) it cuts all the links and images not related to the article you want to read, leaving with only the content you were intented to see. The other content is available just a click away. Its only problem is when I try to read pages in spanish using Xiino, the character set that it uses doesn't display correctly in Xiino, I think this is more a problem in Xiino than in Google but it is a problem for me.


Skweezer is another great compressor, the main reason why I love it is because the spanish pages show correctly in Xiino.

As you can imagine I use Skweezer for spanish web pages and Google for everything else.

I hope this helpful in your quest to browse the internet from your centro.