Saturday, February 12, 2005

Podcasting in your palm

Finally after some time I got to do a new entry in my blog, I am starting a new one too, this one about my points of view as an immigrant living in the USA and about some other things, althoug more than a blog will be a podcast, which is why I wanted to give you my impressions about podcast and how I have it implemented in my Palm.

First What is a podcast? in my layman terms is the ability to get audio content (almost in any topic) and in an easy way transfer to a mp3 player. Now, let me tell you it is really easy to start listenning to a podcast if you have the correct setup and software, here is the software I use.

1. iPodder
2. PocketTunes
3. Windows Media

Just download ipodder and install it. Check the directory or podcastAlley to check for podcast that might interested you, I recomend The Daily Source Code , ITConversations and OnTheMedia, of course there is a ton of them, just look for the one you like.

After you select your feeds, just click on get new podcast and you are ready .. almost.

Second part is to transfer your files to your PalmOS handheld, there is tons of way to do this, but I will describe two, I use the second.

1. Get a card ready, plug your card and copy your mp3 from your computer to your card.
2. Open PocketTunes in your PalmOS handheld, conect it to your PC, in your PC open Windows Media and go to Syncronize, check your playlist and once you selected the one you want sync, just click in the Sync button.

Now I know using Windows Media looks more complicate but it is really not, plus it is a lot easier to keep track of what you have transfer to your PalmOS handheld.

Ok, I hope you get interested in podcasting,really it is totally worth it.

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