Thursday, October 21, 2004

Pocket Tunes
I know it's being a while since I wrote something, but let me tell you, it's been a busy summer, mainly since one of my projects went live and we bought a new house, it's been a lot of work, in consequence my blogs are kind of alone, but hopefully I can start to do something about it. First I am starting a series of posts reviewing every piece of software in my palm, I will start with one of my favorite software title: Pocket Tunes.

Now, once you move to a PalmOS 5 handheld you move to a new dimension, not only it is a better operating system but it takes you to think in new ways to use your handheld, one of these uses is for multimedia, yes for the first time, any PalmOS 5 has enough power to play music and videos, yes you heard it, you can be productive AND have fun with your palm. One of the first products that I discover was PocketTunes an mp3 player for the PalmOS, now, PocketTunes is not the only mp3 player, there is AeroPlayer and RealOne player too, but PocketTunes is the only one that allows you to listen to Ogg Vorbis files AND Windows Media files (not encrypted). This expands your universe incredible since Windows media files are smaller, meaning that now you can put more files in your 256 mb SD card.

Now I am not a big music fan, I'd like listenning to tunes in my palm but I am not great at describing features like the equalizer and whatnot, I basically use the following features of PocketTunes:

1. MP3 and WindowsMedia playing.
2. Crossfading which I think means that there is no silent moment between songs.
3. Internet streaming, you read correctly, PocketTunes allows you to listen to streams using WinAmp technology, which is awesome, right now I am in starbucks listenning to virgin radio using my T608 and my T3, isn't that incredible?

Now, don't think pocket tunes is restricted to these features, it has tons of features, you can check at: I highly recomend this software.


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