Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Intant Messaging: Webmessenger
Webmessenger offer similar features to Chatapus, but in this case it uses a propietary protocol and the company owns the servers that work as a gateway to the other messaging protocols (MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Jabber, ICQ). Here is the list of features:

- Access to all main IM protocols, with send and receive functionality.
- Allows you to add contacts
- Features a "suspend" function that allows the users to be in an "away" status when quiting the application and when loggin again it display all pending messages.
- Seems more reliable than Chatapus, only one time I was unable to login.

What it does not offers:

- No emoticons.
- It does not imports your buddy list, it adds buddies as they send you messages. If you want your buddy list you need the desktop component.
- It does not show if a contact is online or not. Now the developer claims that it works, I was unable to verify it.
- Really expensive (29.95)
- Not pretty.

Next review: Verichat

Gabriel Castellanos

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