Friday, March 19, 2004

More on Bluetooth
I've been reading that the main use of bluetooth for many people is to access the internet, either using a mobile phone or by using an adapter attached to their computers. Even myself I use it that way but it is not the only use of bluetooth, I use it to for syncronizing, no cables!! I use it also for to send files back and forth with my PC, to keep it in sync with my mobile phone since I am a Windows user and I don't have iSync, so I send the information that I need from my T3 to my T608, I use it also to dial my T608 since I don't want all my numbers in it, just the one that I need the most, so sometimes the phone is in my T3 so I just dial it using bluetooth. I also use bluetooth to send some information from my outlook at work to my T3 since I don't want to carry around with all of my work information, I just select the appt I need to transfer to my T3, go to File and then select "Send to Bluetooth". It works for notes and calendar events, this is really handy for me.

There are many other uses for Bluetooth and hopefully more companies will bring to the american market more accesories that we can use. I know that several companies are working in digital cameras (imagine to take a pictures send it to your palm and then send it through email!), keyboards, etc. so be patiente and if you have a bluetooth enable PDA, use it to the maximum!

Gabriel Castellanos

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