Sunday, March 21, 2004

I am amazed everyday that I use my T3, it is just amazing what it can do. Today my wife is using our desktop computer and I am running a maintenance program in my Laptop, which basically leave only with my T3, not a problem, I am writing this using mo:Blog in my T3, since I am doing some research I am using my T3 to browse different websites to gather information, I use two browsers, Blazer (I have this since my m505 days) and Webpro, usually when I need speed and I am just reading I use Blazer, if I need details and interact with the website I use Webpro. I so wish PalmOne upgraded the Blazer browser to use the T3 screen but I believe that they will move on and use Webpro only, probably we should do a petition to ask them to upgrade it? how many of you out there use Blazer? any other browser out there I should be looking at?.

Gabriel Castellanos

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