Saturday, September 08, 2007

My Palm as a Doggie Sitter

Lately my dog cujo has been misbehaving and tearing off his diaper when we are out, ending with his face full of white stuff and a mess in the room where he stays. So what to do? We've learn that the best way to change his behavior is to correct him right after he mis-behaves but usually he does it when we are not around, so what do to?, here comes Windows Media Encoder, My laptop, a WebCam and my handy TX to the rescue.

Step 1.

Setup your laptop and the webcam in such a way that you can see what your dog is doing.

Step 2.

Setup Windows Media Encoder to stream your webcam, you find a nice guide here.

Step 3.

Use Kinoma media player to watch the stream.

Now what we do is that while we are at the house we watch him in his area and every time he starts tearing his diaper we correct him immediately, hopefully a couple of times and Cujo will get the message :)

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