Thursday, March 25, 2004

Digital Dashboard
One of the best features of my palm is the ability to keep all my information in one place, I manage differents projects so it is important to keep always with me all the important information that allows me to take decisions on the spot, for these I use the following software:

1. ShadowPlan: Essential to keep all projects and task information in one place
2. MyWeek: Allows me to keep track of meetings and deadlines
3. Built-in To-do: Always show me what to do next (link with Shadow).
4. Slap: Where I take my meetings notes.
5. Handbase: Where I save all my projects notes and contacts.
6. DocsToGo: I keep one spreadsheet that gives me a status summary.

As you can see I cannot live without my palm

Gabriel Castellanos.

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